Welcome to Rosslyn School & Day Nursery

Established in 1927, we are an exclusively small independent preparatory school & day nursery for children aged 12 months to 11 years. We prepare pupils for future success through a near one to one delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum.

Understanding the individual and unique qualities of each and every child

Whether academic, creative or technical, we strive to create a truly individual learning journey for our pupils. Confidence is key to unlocking their full potential so we work to ensure we understand the strengths and needs of every child for them progress without barriers.

Explore your genius

We’ve created a truly unique and open space in which children can explore the world around them from just 12 months of age. Stability is offered through our personal approach, with nursery and school regularly interacting to create a familiar and nurturing environment from which children can grow.

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“This is a great little school for my child and I’ve really seen them develop quickly. I put that down to the small classes and individual attention.   It’s reassuring to know that my child knows everyone from nursery all the way to year 6. They get on like one big family”
“My son started in the nursery and didn’t really talk very much at first. Now he’s in reception and the progress has been amazing. I’m very happy with how the school teachers knew him before he moved across from the nursery which has helped him greatly”
“The nursery is a wonderful space for my toddler. It’s bright, airy and very welcoming. The staff are extremely helpful and keep me updated daily through their own app so I get pictures sent through of activities and reports of what she’s eaten”
“There’s a lot more to the school than you can make out from the front. You’d never guess all that existed behind the front door. It’s literally like Narnia and my children love it. Every day is like an adventure for them and they never miss a day”

“My child absolutely loves it at Rosslyn School. The staff are all friendly and have taken the time to know my child. There is a great sense of safety and care which is paramount when looking for the right institution for your child. Highly recommend this institute, have seen many skills develop in my child since he has been attending Rosslyn.”

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Something went wrong, but we’re here to put it right!

Both our school and nursery underwent Ofsted inspections this year, and both resulted in a less than satisfactory outcome. We genuinely feel the nursery was unfairly judged and this can be evidenced by the follow up visit that took place a short time after, where all the requirements were met without us doing anything different from what we normally do. In some instances, both reports actually contradict each other but that’s not our focus. We accept any and all criticisms and have sought to implement a structured plan of action that fortifies our setting. We’re not afraid to make the necessary changes to succeed. We instil courage in our pupils so they know it’s okay to fail, this is how we learn; this is the growth mindset that our pupils use to push boundaries and overcome their fears of getting it wrong. It’s time for us to do the same and that we most certainly will.

Seeing is believing so please do take the time to observe for yourself and visit us to see whether we best meet the needs of your child’s first steps into learning and beyond. As a small, secure, committed and well trained team in quite possibly the best facilities this side of Birmingham, Rosslyn School & Day Nursery is more devoted than ever to ensure we deliver a truly bespoke learning experience for every individual pupil.

Our end of year assessments have revealed that our pupils outperform national averages and in many instances,
operate academically well above their age group. We put this down to having the smallest classes in Birmingham and a truly adaptive and bespoke delivery of a considerably broad and balanced curriculum.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon.
Each talented, individually gifted. Explore your genius.