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Rosslyn School

Welcome to Birmingham’s only Islamic Preparatory School for boys & girls aged 5 to 11 years. Evolved in its 95 year history & set in the leafy area of Hall Green, Rosslyn School is the prestige offering of educational & spiritual excellence. Exclusively small & registered for a maximum number of just 36 children, we prepare pupils for 11+ success through near one to one delivery of a broad & bespoke curriculum, whilst developing noble character through Islamic values of spirit & faith. 

Every child is individual & every child makes progress

Through scientifically designed assessments we are able to specifically target and improve outcomes in core subject areas. In the junior years, our pupils are tested for cognitive ability to identify verbal, non-verbal and spatial reasoning skills, giving us a clear indicator of where they need to be to achieve 11+ exam success at some of Birmingham & Warwickshire’s leading grammar schools.

Explore your genius

Our school uses a Key Stage system rather than a traditional year group. Not only do our pupils double down on core subjects, but through carefully designed curriculum cycles, pupils progress at an individual pace whilst receiving a precise level of challenge to push them further. Our nurturing team of teachers provide academic and pastoral care to ensure all pupils feel confident to explore their individual genius. If there was such a thing as a professional home school, we would be it.

Social Media posts

“This is a great little school for my child and I’ve really seen them develop quickly. I put that down to the small classes and individual attention.   It’s reassuring to know that my child knows everyone from nursery all the way to year 6. They get on like one big family”
“My son started in the nursery and didn’t really talk very much at first. Now he’s in reception and the progress has been amazing. I’m very happy with how the school teachers knew him before he moved across from the nursery which has helped him greatly”
“The nursery is a wonderful space for my toddler. It’s bright, airy and very welcoming. The staff are extremely helpful and keep me updated daily through their own app so I get pictures sent through of activities and reports of what she’s eaten”
“There’s a lot more to the school than you can make out from the front. You’d never guess all that existed behind the front door. It’s literally like Narnia and my children love it. Every day is like an adventure for them and they never miss a day”

“Rosslyn School is a fantastic school that offers a safe and comfortable environment for children to be who they are. The school are always willing to listen and take action immediately when needed. They are always ready to help and welcome suggestions from parents that make this school the best Birmingham has to offer. My children enjoyed their time at Rosslyn and I trusted them to always look out for their best interests. I would definitely recommend Rosslyn School to anyone and know they will continue to over deliver.”

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