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Admissions for 2024-25 are currently closed

Thank you for considering Rosslyn School, Hall Green’s only Preparatory School and Birmingham’s smallest. We advise you to visit our setting to appreciate the environment we have carefully crafted to educate and nurture every child. We operate a Montessori inspired Key Stage system, so have a maximum of just 12 pupils per class.

You can learn more about the process for registration below.

Application Process

We welcome applications from all children aged 5 – 11 years throughout the year. Once you’ve been in to visit us, the next stage is to complete an application form with a non-refundable registration payment of £75. This covers administration of entry tests in Maths & English and the cost for attending a trial day with us, which every child is encouraged to do. Children over the age of 7 will undergo a cognitive abilities test to assess verbal, non-verbal, quantitative and spatial reasoning.

Offer of a Place

Once assessment results are received, usually within 3-5 days, we will communicate the findings to you and advise of an offer if a place is available. To proceed with taking up a place we require a deposit payment of £200, which has the option of being credited against your final fee invoice. Should a place not be available, we will advise of this and offer the option to reserve a space on the waiting list.

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To arrange a visit or to book onto
an open day, please call 0121 744 2743

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child have to pass an entrance exam?

We do not have an entrance exam. The assessments we undertake at entry are to provide a baseline of data for us to measure progress. Our cognitive ability assessment also provides data to help us plan according to learning styles and ensure we work toward the best possible 11+ exam result.

Is my child guaranteed a place?

Places are offered subject to availability. As our school is so small, it is advised to apply well in advance. Children progressing from our Pre-school are given a priority.

Do you offer any bursaries or scholarships?

As an independent school we do not have any resources from which we can subsidise our fees. We are sensibly priced and considerably affordable in comparison to most. We do offer 12 month payment options, please speak to us when registering about payment plans.

Do your fees cover everything?

In short, yes. The only exceptions are school trips, swimming lessons that take place in the summer and first half of autumn and any exclusive after school clubs. All pupils are expected to have a basically equipped pencil case and an Oxford School Dictionary.

Do you offer part-time places?

Subject to space, we may consider a part time attendance application for a minimum of four mornings to ensure the pupil receives coverage of the core subjects. Please enquire for further details of this and check our fees section for more information on cost.

Do we have to pay for after school clubs?

Only where clearly stated, otherwise all of our after school clubs are free.

Do you have a breakfast and after school care service?

Through our Day Nursery we can accomodate breakfast starts from 7:30 am and provide after school care until 6 pm. Please visit the Day Nursery website or ask us for further information.

Does having small classes affect a child’s social skills?

If a child is already confident, they’ll have no issues wherever they go, unless being in a larger setting contains multiple children with big personalities. On the flip side, where a child isn’t socially confident, what better way for them to build confidence than to be at a school that’s small enough for them to find their feet and climb?

You have two year groups in one Key Stage, how do you plan for the two different ages?

We have two cycles for every Key Stage, ensuring all skills needed to progress through our curriculum are covered. In some instances, pupils may be able to move quicker through the curriculum, or take a little longer if needed. All competencies are catered for and in most instances doubled-down to ensure the skill is acquired with confidence.

Will my child be ready for the 11+ exam?

Whilst we can’t guarantee where they’ll score, we can help manage expectation through our cognitive ability assessments. The results will tell us where your child is likely to score in the different bands and where they can be if pushed. Our 11+ preparation starts discreetly in Key Stage 1 for all pupils, and from the age 8 years your child will be challenged accordingly using a uniquely adaptive teaching platform.

What if I don’t want them to take the 11+ exam?

This is a choice for you and your child. All of our pupils receive the same high level curriculum and pastoral support. For pupils that are working toward this we offer support sessions to ensure they don’t become overwhelmed.

Your school says faith based, what does this mean?

Our motto is Fortes In Fide, which means steadfast in faith. We apply principles and morals based upon Islamic values to attain high moral standards and responsible attitudes. You can learn more about how we apply this in our school on our Vision, Values & Ethos page. Children from all walks of life are welcome at our school. Our staff team are diverse and representative of modern British society and we have strong links with our local Churches & Temples.

My child fell behind in school because of the lockdowns, so they’re fairly weak in their core subject knowledge. How can you help?

This is not uncommon, unfortunately, as nothing beats being taught in person in a small and individual setting like ours. The reason we invested in such high-level assessment tools is to pinpoint a child’s exact knowledge base in English, Maths & Science in order for us to ensure they are individually planned for. Our data allows us to look at both individual and group needs. We receive the most comprehensive reports that take an in-depth look at all areas of a child’s ability, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to getting the best outcomes for our pupils. We share this data with you every term so you can provide support from home where needed.

What type of homework does my child have to do?

We’ve modelled our homework schedule on some of the highest performing and elite level schools in the United Kingdom. In doing so, we recognise research that advises short and focussed homework activity is more beneficial than long, drawn out tasks. A healthy work-life balance is expected and taken into account. You can find a copy of our homework policy here.

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