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Our curriculum is built upon foundations that are geared towards successful common entrance examinations such as the 11+. Pupils receive a double-dose of core subjects in English, Maths & Science, with all other subjects intertwined in STEM and Entrepreneurial projects. From an early age, our pupils are introduced to programmes of study that seek to develop their reasoning skills to compliment an in depth offer of Maths & English. Our curriculum offer allows pupils to work on concepts that are unique to them, ensuring they remain inspired to push the boundaries of their immense potential.

Maths, English & Science

Owing to our uniquely engineered Key Stage system, our pupils are able to receive a significantly higher portion of the core subjects within their study timetable. All three subjects are provided in a two-year cycle, ensuring every pupil achieves a higher than average result compared to their national counterparts. Success is measured individually, through methodical and rigorous termly assessment cycles. Any additional support is identified early on and where we identify pupils with exceptional talent, we push the boundary to ensure they reach the extraordinary heights of their true capability.

The school has a love of reading threaded into its culture, so all pupils are expected to read both in and outside of school. We track reading time through intuitive software and hold termly assessments to ensure all pupils are ahead of their national counterparts.

Termly Projects

In order to offer a wide ranging curriculum to our pupils, we tie together a generous offer of subjects such as art, geography, history, design technology & iMedia into a collection of termly projects. These are delivered in a context that ignites a love for learning in our pupils, resulting in a highly engaging sequence of lessons. Hook days at the start of a term provide the spark needed to bring learning to life.

SMSC Development

The development of spiritual, moral, social and cultural values are intertwined throughout the whole curriculum. Regular assemblies deliver a core set of values that promote both inward and outward facing morals. Our School House system promotes a sense of community and our family centred PSHE resources ensure pupils receive knowledge and skills to keep them healthy, safe and well prepared for life.

Languages, Mindfulness & Physical Education

At Rosslyn School we offer pupils the opportunity to learn the Arabic language. Being one of the top five spoken languages in the world outside of English, pupils are taught from a basic level through to advanced by expert teachers.

A healthy mind contributes to the general well-being of our pupils. Time out is taken to absorb calming sounds of a spiritual nature, allowing pupils to learn the art of being in the moment. We believe this is a vital skill to learn in a fast paced world, so that as they move through life, they are able to build emotional intelligence and bring calm to any situation they face.

Physical education is offered through a rigorous and challenging schedule of half-termly cycles, from athletics and movement skills to more specific sports such as hockey, football and tennis. Swimming lessons are provided for all in the summer and early autumn terms.

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