Vision, Values & Ethos

Creating confident, well-mannered & capable young people through a balance of educational innovation & power of faith

Vision and Values

Our school provides a broad, balanced and independent curriculum from an environment that applies the power of faith and spirit to achieve a wholesome foundation in a child’s primary years. At Rosslyn School, we believe education extends beyond classroom subjects, so we focus on character and morals through Islamic principles to ensure pupils are fully equipped for later life. We have created a unique environment that allows pupils to become confident individuals, ensuring a high level of pastoral care.

  • We promote high moral standards through Ihsan, ensuring our pupils contribute to society
  • We offer a supportive environment through Tarbiyah, to determine and nurture academic, creative & technical talent
  • We build confident and expressive individuals who are not afraid to ask questions or make mistakes in their pursuit for Ilm
  • We create resilient and assured social skills
  • We encourage leadership and accountability with compassion for others
  • We provide a safe, secure and healthy environment from which children can grow their Iman

Rosslyn School Ethos

Our values & ethos encompass four key areas which are centred around the power & spirit of faith and weaved through our curriculum. Ilm, meaning Knowledge, Ihsan, meaning the pursuit of Excellence, Iman, meaning Faith and Tarbiyah, meaning to nurture.


Understanding the importance of applying knowledge

Understanding the importance of spirit

Understanding the importance of leading by example


To fulfil the rights due to oneself

To fulfil the rights due to others

To fulfil the rights due to the environment & community


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