Rosslyn School & Day Nursery

Vision and Values

Creating confident, well-mannered and capable young people through a balance of tradition and innovation

Vision and Values

Our small and unique environment means we can pay full attention to each pupil. We get to know them and they get to know us. Working in close partnership with home, we are able to offer a truly individual journey along the key primary years of your child’s educational life. Our school has a particular focus around Science and Technology.

  • We promote high moral standards ensuring our pupils contribute to society
  • We offer a supportive environment to determine and nurture academic, creative or technical talent
  • We build confident and expressive individuals who are not afraid to ask questions or make mistakes
  • We create resilient and assured social skills
  • We encourage leadership and accountability with compassion for others
  • We provide safe, secure, modern and healthy facilities from which children can grow

Our Approach

There are some things that have proven the test of time. Good manners, compassion and ambition set the foundation for life at Rosslyn. Then there are innovative industries that shape the world around us in which our children must thrive. We strike a balance between both to ensure our pupils exemplify all that was and all that will be.

First Class Facilities

Through recent and regular renovation, our facilities boast an attractive, safe, secure and inviting learning environment from the nursery through to the school. Investment is thoughtfully placed to ensure our pupils, from the age of just 12 months, have access to the latest technology. From development of the body through to the mind, Rosslyn has everything needed to encourage growth.

Rosslyn School & Day Nursery

We provide a wide breadth of experiences and opportunities for all of our children to discover and develop their individual talents.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum, focusing on academic excellence and developing pupils’ creative, technical and social skills.

We provide a safe, supportive, healthy environment, with facilities and staff that enable our children to learn and develop.


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